HMS Drake (HMNB Devonport, Devonport, Devon) HMS Nelson (HMNB Portsmouth, Portsmouth) HMS Neptune (HMNB Clyde, Faslane, Dunbartonshire) HMS Seahawk (RNAS Culdrose, Cornwall) HMS Gannet (RNAS Prestwick, South Ayrshire) HMS Heron (RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset) HMS Collingwood (Fareham, Hampshire . St George and Blenheim but he was on the Undaunted on the first day of the war. Was discharged from the Royal Navy in 21st May 1946. . Born 1885. The raid was assisted by a singular coincidence. The first shot of the naval war was fired by a Chatham Division destroyer HMS Lance in the North Sea and Chatham division ships bore the brunt of naval casualties at sea in the first months of the war. If you have any unwanted At first it was too big so I hope you can read it. Anchor Wharf, The Historic Dockyard, After the area had been repaired, it was reopened and used as different naval buildings until 1984 when it was closed. Royal Navy K15145 Stoker HMS Pembroke, HMS Actaeon, HMS Colmbo, HMS Hecla, HMS Kinsha. Any monthly plan. [1] The introduction of Long Term Service in 1853, however, prompted the Navy to look at providing more permanent quarters for seamen in home waters. I also have a photo of him and 11 others in dress uniform in the deck of what is clearly a capital ship. HMS Pembroke II - Royal Naval Air Station at Eastchurch between 1913 and 1918. dailyinfo[2]=' 8020 Serjeant Charles POOLE "C" Coy. Thank you very much for your information on the ships.